Active Church is a place where all are welcome, where we progress together in community, and where lives are changed through Jesus.

We are ONE church in TWO locations!


Service Times

9 AM & 10:45 AM


Service Time

10 AM

If you are a first time visitor, be sure to stop by Guest Central after any of our services for a free gift and to meet some of our staff and leaders.

First Step


First Step is a special meeting to hear about Active’s DNA, have free lunch with childcare, meet our team, hear the vision, be inspired and get involved. First Step is the first Sunday of every month.
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Our Pillars and Vision

Here at Active Church we believe you have a better story to tell. This is one of our six values! We also have four important pillars that keep us focused.

Four Pillars

Pursue God
Provide Hope
Progress Together
Prepare Leaders

Active Values

You can tell a better story 
You belong here 
You are worth knowing 
You are a change maker 
You have great purpose 
You have great influence

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Connect with Us

We appreciate you connecting with us on social media as we share throughout the week what God is doing in our community.

Consider connecting in Groups or to serve here at Active as we desire to Progress Together and Prepare Leaders.

If you are unable to join us at one of our campus locations, consider viewing our Active Church Livestream.

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We want to invite you to give with us. Your generosity impacts lives, positively effects our community and provides hope. There are four ways to give at Active Church:

Come join us in one of our services and give during the offering moment in service.

Text to Give is one of the EASIEST ways to give at Active Church. Just text the word “give” to 909.757.0797, fill out a short form once, and then only text a dollar amount each time you are ready to give.

Click the button below to be directed to our Online Giving Platform:

Click the button below to be directed to our Give Once portal: