2023 Initiatives

Let's Accomplish Something BIG together

In 2023, we want to accomplish four things:
1. Invest in the next generation
2. Provide Hope for refugees
3. Renew our campus
4. Develop influential leaders

Next Gen Initiative

At Active Church, we believe that the next generation is worth everything. Our hope is to provide a safe, fun and engaging environment for every child that comes to our campus. You can help make the weekends at Active more fun by supporting the purchase of a new playground area. Our plan is to install a rubberized surface and new playground equipment so that our kids can play and enjoy time with their friends.




Hope for Refugees Initiative

At Active Church, we believe that hope is the greatest gift we can provide. Currently, we have an incredible partnership with two pastors who lead a church called Petra in Russia. These leaders have prioritized this season of their life to helping Russian and Ukrainian refugees escape the horrors of war and find hope and healing in the United States. From providing a way out to housing and furnishing a new place to stay, you can help us make this a reality through your generosity.




Campus Improvement

At Active Church, we believe in creating a space for every person and every family. Our patio space is ready to be upgraded and used in a more functionally helpful way. A space for families to play together. A space for teens to hang together. A space that can be used during the hot summers and the rainy days in the winter. We’re planning to cover this space over and provide places to sit, eat, engage in the services and much more. Help us recreate this space.



Change Makers Apprentice Initiative

At Active Church, we believe that every person has influence. We don’t get it, we hold it and everyday we choose what we will do with it. At Active, our goal is to help each leader develop their abilities and use their influence to tell better stories. In 2023, our focus will be on identifying, developing, mentoring and unleashing young leaders to help serve and love our community well. Help us raise up the next pastors, leaders, elders and change makers.